Pierre Gagnaire, Amazing mentor 2014-2015

Amazing France is proud to welcome Pierre Gagnaire as its first male mentor. A leading chef in France, Pierre Gagnaire sees our new app as the proof that nothing can be created without passion.


Support from French “Living heritage companies”

Amazing France is very happy to welcome the support of Alexis Govciyan, president of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Companies), a group representing the rich expertise of French craftsmen and the skills often passed on from one generation to the next.


Aude de Thuin, Amazing mentor 2014-2015

Amazing France is proud to welcome Aude de Thuin as its first female mentor. Fair ExpOsons la France’s president thinks this app will be the essential travel kit of a new generation of tourists. I am proud to be the mentor of Amazing France! It is part of the France who dares. Fabien Roiron understands…

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Support from the General Consul of France in Shanghai

Amazing France is proud to announce the support of Emmanuel Lenain, General consul of France in Shanghai. Emmanuel Lenain strongly supported the development Amazing France! app. Since learning, with a great interest, that it would be designed for emerging countries and discerning Japanese and American travellers. The creation of such an application, free moreover, seems…

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